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LiftMaster Parts And Accessories
Chamberlain | Liftmaster | Sears | Craftsman

Click on an item below for prices and more information.

LiftMaster Service Parts

Liftmaster 915LM Garage Door Monitor
Model Number: LM915


Liftmaster 81C168 Garage Door Screw Drive Carriage Rack
Model Number: 81C168


Liftmaster 58LM Garage Door Multi-Function Control Panel
Model Number: 58LM


LiftMaster Chamberlain Vibration Isolation Kit
Model Number: G89LM


Craftsman LiftMaster Chamberlain Sprocket Coupler
Model Number: 25C20


LiftMaster Chamberlain Safety Sensor Bracket Kit
Model Number: 41A5266-1


Liftmaster 41A5530-1MOV Lightning/Power Surge Suppressor Kit
Model Number: 41A5530-1MOV


Liftmaster 41A5530-2 MOV Lightning/Power Surge Kit
Model Number: 41A5530-2


Liftmaster Multi-Function Control Panel
Model Number: 68LM


Liftmaster Passive Infrared Control Console
Model Number: 98LM


Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears Door Bracket
Model Number: 41A5047


Liftmaster Chain And Cable Assembly
Model Number: A41A567890


Liftmaster SoftGlo Multi-Function Control Panel
Model Number: 79LM


(View Instructions)

Liftmaster Plug-In Light Appliance Control
Model Number: 982LM


Liftmaster Coaxial Cable Kit
Model Number: 86LM


Liftmaster Universal Plug-in 24V Transformer
Model Number: 85LM


Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Drive Belt
Model Number: 020C14


Liftmaster Safety Beam Wires And Connectors
Model Number: 41B115


Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Lens Cover
Model Number: 108D34


Liftmaster/Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Lens Cover
Model Number: 108D36


Liftmaster Garage Door Opener RPM Sensor
Model Number: 41C4398A


Liftmaster Light Socket
Model Number: 41A1344


Liftmaster Universal Key Switch
Model Number: G59LM


LIftmaster Emergency Key Release Lock
Model Number: G1702LM


Liftmaster Surge Protector 990LM
Model Number: 990LM


Liftmaster 41A4813 Chain Pulley Bracket
Model Number: 41A4813


Liftmaster 41B2616 Cable/Chain Pulley Bracket
Model Number: 41B2616


Liftmaster 41A2780 Chain Pulley Bracket
Model Number: 41A2780


Liftmaster 41A4353 Door Opener Header Bracket
Model Number: 41A4353


Liftmaster 144C56 Idler Pulley
Model Number: 144C56


Liftmaster 41B5424 Belt Drive Pulley Bracket
Model Number: 41B5424


Liftmaster 41A3588-1 Belt Drive Pulley Bracket
Model Number: 41A3588-1


Liftmaster 144C54 Belt Drive Pulley
Model Number: 144C54


Liftmaster 975LM Laser Parking Accessory
Model Number: 975LM


Liftmaster 81C275 Screw-Drive Rack
Model Number: 81C275