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Genie Parts And Accessories

Click on an item below for prices and more information.

Genie Service Parts

Genie 37222R Intellicode Wall Console
Model Number: 37222R


(View Instructions)

Genie 29027A Garage Door Opener Sprocket Saddle
Model Number: 29027A


Genie 29599S Garage Door Opener Push Button
Model Number: 29599S


Genie 24299R Intellicode Wall Console
Model Number: 24299R


Genie 30257T Screw-Drive Coupler
Model Number: 30257T


Genie 25605R Chain-Drive Inner Slide
Alternate part number (21785)
Model Number: 25605R


Genie 20302R.S Infra-Red Connector
Model Number: 20302R.S


Genie 19792B Replacement Door Bracket
Model Number: 19792B


Genie 35421A (22668A) Header Bracket
Model Number: 22668A


Genie 19863R Screw Drive Clip and Collar Screw Connectors
Model Number: 19863R


Genie 108389 Transmitter Clip
Model Number: 108389


Genie UT-110 Universal Power Transformer
Model Number: UT-110


Genie 26013B J Arm
Model Number: 26013B


Genie 26012A04 Straight Arm
Model Number: 26012A04


Genie GSXL-8 Excelerator Screw Drive Rail Extension Kit
Model Number: GSXL-8


Genie LCGX-8 Chain Glide Rail Extension Kit
Model Number: LCGX-8


Genie Safety Beam Wire
Model Number: STBWIRE


Genie Garage Door Opener Fuse
Model Number: 34138A-10F


Genie Garage Opener Limit Worm Gear
Model Number: 27091A


Genie Screw Drive Rail Extension Kit
Model Number: GSX-8


Genie Garage Door Opener Gear Case Cover
Model Number: 20449R


Genie Garage Opener Worm Gear
Model Number: 33355A


Genie Garage Opener Carriage assembly (Low profile)
Model Number: 33677A


Genie Garage Door Opener 10-Tooth Chain Sprocket
Model Number: 27191A


Genie 21123B Garage Door Opener Release Cord
Model Number: 21123B


Genie 21122A Garage Door Opener Pull Knob
Model Number: 21122A