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Genie Parts And Accessories
Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Help Guide
1.  Opener does not run from Wall Control.
  • Check Lock Switch on Wall Console
  • Check the power source:  Plug a lamp into outlet used for Power Head.  If lamp works, power source is OK.  If not, check fuse or circuit breaker.
  • If power is OK:  Check connections at Power Head Terminals.  Motor protector may be open.  Wait about 20 minutes for protector to reset.
  • Motor protector may be open. Wait about 20 minutes for protector to reset.
2.  Door runs for no reason. (phantom operation)
  • Check staples on Wire from Power Head to Wall Control.  Staples can cut insulation and short Wires.  If Wire is cut, replace it.
  • Check wall control for shorted or sticking button. Replace wall control.
  • Was a Remote Control lost or stolen?  Erase all Remote Control Codes from Receiver memory and reprogram.
3.  Door starts down then stops before it's closed.
  • Check DOWN limit switch setting
4.  Door starts down then stops and goes back up.
  • Check Force Adjustment
  • Check STB System for beam obstruction or misalignment of Lenses.
5.  Door will only run closed.
  • Check OPEN Limit Switch for free movement and proper wiring.
  • Check "OPEN FORCE" Adjustment
  • Check Door condition and for broken Door spring
  • Check vacation lock switch on wall console.
6.  Door will only run open.
  • Check STB System.
  • Check CLOSE Limit Switch for free movement and proper wiring.
  • Check "CLOSE FORCE" Adjustment.
7.  Door starts up but stops before it is completely open.
  • Be sure Door is in good repair, properly lubricated and balanced
  • Check "OPEN" Limit Switch setting
  • Check "OPEN FORCE" Adjustment
  • Check Door condition and for broken Door Spring
8.  Opener runs, but Door does not move.
  • Make sure Carriage is engaged to Carriage Slide -- place Carriage Lever in lock position
  • Check Force Adjustment
  • Door Opener will NOT run more than 30 seconds each way if Door does not move.
  • Screw Drive units could have a striped coupler.
9.  Remote Control has less than 25 feet operating range.
  • Relocate Remote Control inside car.
  • Point Remote Control at Door.
  • Replace battery.
  • Reposition Door Opener Antenna
  • DO NOT attempt to retune Remote Controls
10.  Opener works from Wall Control, but not from Remote Control.
  • Check photocells and photocell wires.
11.  Noisy Operation
  • Be sure Door is in good repair, properly lubricated and balanced.
  • Run unit without rail attached to distinguish from motor or rail damage.
12.  Photo Cell Troubleshooting

The following is a list of things to help troubleshoot the photocell
circuit and order parts if necessary:
1.) Unplug your opener & plug it back in.  This action may reset them. 2.) Using a screwdriver, "short circuit" the two screws on the red light photocell together. This may reset them. 3.) Inspect the wires running from the opener to the photocells for breaks or loose connections. 4.) Clean the photo cell lenses of dirt, cobwebs, etc. 5.) Unscrew the wires to the photocells at the opener, remove the photocell modules from their brackets and wire them together with a short set of wires, approximately one foot long, directly to the opener. If they work correctly replace the existing photocell wires. If they fail, check for voltage (12 volts DC) across the photocell terminals with a multi-meter on the DC scale.  If power exist, replace the photocell modules. If no power exist replace the main sequencer board in the operator.