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Gaplock FAQ

What is Gaplock 009?
Gaplock 009 (Gaplock) is an automated lock for automated sectional roll-up garage doors.
Why do automated sectional roll-up garage doors need automated locks?
When consumers secure their home’s automated sectional roll-up garage door with manually operated lock (slide-bar, padlocked hasp, etc.), as many often do, this:

1. Interferes with and diminishes convenience (door must be manually unlocked before it is opened and manually locked after it is closed); and
2. Frequently results in costly damage to the door and/or opener (when the opener is activated while the door is still locked
How does Gaplock provide users of automated garage doors with convenience and security?

Mounted inside the garage, Gaplock the automated garage door lock works with the automated opener to automatically lock your home’s sectional roll-up garage door every time it’s closed and unlock it when it’s opened.

Gaplock enables users of automated sectional roll-up garage doors to have convenience and security, so they no longer have to sacrifice one for the other.

Is Gaplock unique in terms of the benefits it provides?
Yes, Gaplock has set a new standard for securing automated sectional roll-up garage doors by providing the following unique benefits and features:
1. Automatically locks an automated sectional roll-up garage door every time it’s closed and automatically unlocks it when it’s opened.
2. Works with A/C motor equipped residential garage door openers (GDOs). Gaplock does not work with D/C motor equipped GDOs.
3. Connects to new and existing A/C motor equipped GDOs by simply plugging into the existing electrical outlet.
4. Replaces and renders obsolete all other locks frequently used to secure an automated sectional roll-up garage door, such as the manually operated slide bar.
5. Operates using the existing GDO wall switch/console and rolling code technology equipped remote controls and wireless keypads.
6. Can be manually operated in the event of an emergency.
7. Failsafe operation permits use in (“vault-in”) garages where the only entrance is the automated sectional roll-up garage door.
8. Mounts to the automated sectional roll-up garage door’s track inside the garage, on either side of the door. Requires 2” of clearance between door track and first obstruction, such as a wall or cabinet.
9. Designed to mount inside the garage to avoid being visible from outside the garage and therefore vulnerable to tampering.
10. Provides consumers peace-of-mind assurance that their home’s largest and most commonly used door is automatically locked every time it is closed.
How adaptable is Gaplock to different types of garage doors and automated openers?

Gaplock is used to secure sectional roll-up garage doors operated by AC motor-equipped garage door openers.

Can I use Gaplock to secure my automated sectional roll-up garage door even if it’s the only entrance into my garage?
Yes, Gaplock’s failsafe operation permits use in (“vault-in”) garages where the only entrance is the automated sectional roll-up garage door.
Can I still utilize my existing garage door opener remotes (and wireless keypads)?
Yes, Gaplock is operated by the garage door opener remotes (and wireless keypads). However, it is emphasized that only remote controls (and wireless keypads) with rolling-code technology be used, to protect against the risk of code-grabbing. Accordingly, if fixed-code remote controls (and wireless keypads) are being used, replace them with rolling-code technology equipped products.
How long does it take to install Gaplock?
The time required for a professional to install Gaplock is typically less than 15 minutes.
Who should install Gaplock?
It is recommended that a professional install Gaplock. However, most people with basic skills and tools could install Gaplock.
Can Gaplock be manually released in the event of an emergency or power outage?
Yes, Gaplock is equipped with a manual release switch and, for user safety this unit is designed to automatically stay in the unlocked position during a power outage.
Is there a risk of Gaplock damaging the automated sectional roll-up garage door and/or opener?s
Gaplock’s failsafe operation minimizes the risk of damaging the door and/or opener.
What is Gaplock made of?
Gaplock is made of steel with an attractive black plastic outer housing.
Will Gaplock withstand a forcible entry attempt?
Gaplock will typically withstand more force than the door it’s securing. The typical door will break before Gaplock will.
Will adverse climate conditions affect Gaplock?
Extreme climate conditions do not affect Gaplock's ability to operate. Gaplock has been tested to successfully withstand temperature variations from -50 degrees to +200 degrees Fahrenheit.