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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most asked questions that you may find in repairing your own Garage door or Opener.

My Garage door opener opens by itself. Also my pushbutton no longer works.
  • Most times it's the customer's own remote that is causing false operation. Open your remote and make sure that the contact strip is not broken and laying flat on your circuit board.
  • Check that your pushbutton wire is not shorted out.
  • Change your code setting.
My opener hits the floor to close then opens right back up.
  • Your front limit switch is either bad or out of adjustment. - Your down limit setting is out of adjustment.
  • Your door is hitting an object when closing.
My door opener just hums and will not start.
  • Check your starting capasitor. This is the part that give the opener a extra boost to start. Some times these parts leak or smoke when they go bad. If this happens most times the opener hums and will not start.
  • Check to see the opener is not bound up. The screw on a Genie should always turn easy.
  • Check to make sure that the opener is engaged to the opener.
My opener is dead. No noise or movement.
  • Check to make sure there is power to your outlet the opener is hooked to.Be careful!
  • Check to see if the low side of the transformer is producing correct voltage.
  • Logic board or circuit board could be bad.
  • Pushbutton wire could be shorted.
My remote has stopped working or has short distance.
  • Check your battery. You will be surprised how many times most calls I've gone on that this was the only problem.
  • Your RF coil in your remote could be off freq.
  • Your receiver could be bad.
  • Check your dip switches in your remote. Make sure your receiver matches what's in your remote
  • Your contacts in your remote could be dirty.
My door won't close or go's a few inches stops and comes back up.
  • Openers sometimes have infra-red sensors that mount on either side of the garage door a few inches off the floor.
  • Check that they can "see" one another. If they cannot the opener thinks there is something in the way of the garage door and will not close.
  • Make sure the wires that go to the back of the sensors are not broken.
  • Make sure bugs have not make a home in the lens part of the sensor. Here in Florida mud doppers love to put mud in these lens and make a home of them.
  • Make sure they are not in shock. Voltages higher than normal,like lighting storms and power company voltage spikes can "shock" an infra-red. It will cause it to not work and not allow the door to close.
My opener makes a loud chattering noise when just about open.
  • Make sure your up limit switch or up limit setting is correct. The opener can ram itself into the motor head and cause serious problems.
  • Grease your opener and door.
I can hear a click from the door opening unit but it won't open.
  • It sounds like a bad connection.
  • If it is a linear or multi-code check the solder connectors were the three wires from the receivers circuit board hooks to the board. Where the three solder connections are look very, very close. Most of the time the solder connection is broken. It is very small break, you almost can't see it. But this is why when the temp changes the metal expands and the connection is made.