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About US Door Control

My name is John Wilchynski, the owner of U.S Door Control and the webmaster of this web site. I would like to thank you for looking over my site. U.S Door control is a family owned and operated business in Citrus County Florida. Our family has been in this industry for over 47+ years. If you look below you can see some old pictures of my father to prove this. If we can help you in any way just let us know.

"Our little family"

"My dad adjusting a Genie model 450 screw drive clutch-circa 1976"

"My dad working on a Genie Model B5. One of the first models from Genie-circa 1968"

"My dad range testing a AT35 Genie transmitter-circa 1970"

"Frank Faulth, Fred Houser Sr (Owner of Genie of St Petersburg) and my dad circa-1967"

"My dad and Clete Knight. Between these two men they taught me most of all I know about this industry. Clete is the man that taught me the art of garage door installation. Thanks for putting up with me all those years Clete. You are deeply missed my friend.
Dad, thank you for letting me come in for the part time job over the summer so many years ago. I bet you never thought it would go so far."

Contact Information

Owner/President: John Wilchynski

E-mail: wilchynski@gmail.com

U.S Door Control
7910-No. Fairport Av.
Dunnellon FL, 34433

Phone: 1-352-465-1603
Fax: 1-352-465-4577